Arrowwood (Viburnum recognitum)


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  • Height of seedling:Height is measured from the ground to the top of the plant (does not include roots)
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21-30 inches
11-20 inches

Arrowwood (Viburnum recognitum)  Zones 3-8

Growth Rate: medium  (12"-24" per year)           Height: 8-15'  /  Spread: 8-10'

pH levels: 4.0-6.5                                                Soil: dry to wet

Sun: sun or partial shade                                    Tolerate:  clay, black walnut

Fall Color: yellow to red-purple

Flowering: white clusters-May to June.              Fruits: blue-black drupes appear after the flowers - ripen in the early fall.

Uses: berries edible for humans and wildlife. Planted for farmstead windbreaks, hedges, wildlife cover; found in open woods, along forest edges and stream banks.

These are bare root seedlings. The roots of some seedlings may be trimmed for ease of planting and packaging purposes.    

The price above is listed per individual seedling.  A total price for your seedlings will appear in your cart and at check out. Shipping cost will be calculated during checkout.

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