Bottomland Bur Oak
Bottomland Bur Oak

Bottomland Bur Oak

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  • Height of seedling:Height is measured from the ground to the top of the plant (does not include roots)
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Bottomland Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa)    Zones  3-8

Growth Rate: Medium  ( 12"-24" per year)       Height: 50-80  / Spread:  25'-30'

pH levels:  7-7.5                                               Soils: Prefers moist bottomland sites

Sun: Requires Full Sun                                     Tolerate: drought, high pH, city smoke, air pollution, clay soils

Fall color: Yellow 

Flowering: flowers emerge shortly after the leaves appear, late April to mid-June.

Acorn Information: Acorns mature in one growing season and drop from the tree August through November. Acorns germinate shortly after seedfall. Acorns on more northern trees may remain dormant and germinate the following spring

Uses: shade tree, rain garden, firewood, provides food and cover for wildlife and birds, such as turkey, blue jay, grouse, deer and wood duck. Good landscape tree and planted for windbreaks as well as shelterbelt systems because of their drought tolerance.

NOTE: This is a sub species of bur oak that prefers bottomland sites.  Appearance is the same as the upland bur oak. The acorns on this subspecies will be considerably larger than the upland bur oak. It has not been proven, but this subspecies may be resistant to the bur oak blight. 

These are bare root seedlings.  The roots of some seedlings may be trimmed for ease of planting and packaging purposes.

The price above is listed per individual seedling.  A total price for your seedlings will appear in your cart and at check out. Shipping cost will be calculated during checkout.

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