Silky Dogwood
Dogwood, Silky ( Cornus amomum ) - Image Courtesy of The Morton Arboretum

Silky Dogwood

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  • Height of seedling:Height is measured from the ground to the top of the plant (does not include roots)
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Dogwood, Silky ( Cornus amomum )    Zones 4 - 8

Growth Rate: medium ( 13"-24" per year)     Height: 10 - 15'  / Spread: 6 - 12'

pH levels:    6.1 - 7.5                                      Soil: rich, acid soil, Alkaline soil, moist, sandy, wet, well-drained soil

Sun: Full sun to partial shade                         


  • Occasional drought, 
  • Occasional flooding, 
  • Clay soil, walnut toxicity

Twig color:  bright red stems in the fall, winter and early spring, which turn reddish-brown in the summer. As the shrub matures, the stems turn reddish-brown year-round and later gray.

Flowering:  Creamy-white, flat-topped flowers that bloom in May-June.  Seed: fruit ripens in late summer/early fall, porcelain blue with white blotches. 

Uses:  hedge, massing, mixed border, screen, windbreak/ planted for erosion control along ponds, lakes, streams, swampy/wet sites; attracts Azure butterflies, many small birds and waterfowl.

Planting tips: For bare root plants, holes should be dug deep enough to accommodate the entire root system. Space plants 5-6 feet apart in a row, and if planting in a cluster, 8x10 or 10x10 foot spacing is advisable. For erosion control - plant 2 feet apart and for wildlife habitat 4-6 feet apart.

 These are bare root  seedlings.  The roots of some seedlings may be trimmed for ease of planting and packaging purposes.    

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